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Transcription of oral speech from an audio or video format is currently a popular service for both government agencies and large companies, as well as individuals. Any life situation – a telephone conversation, a seminar, an interview, a court hearing and much more – can be easily recorded on a voice recorder and then, if necessary, the recording can be transcribed. It is especially important to take into account all the nuances and particularities when it comes to transcribing a text from a foreign language.


  • Lawyers and legal professionals: the transcript of a court hearing recorded on a voice recorder is required for analysis or for fixing discrepancies with the minutes of court hearings;
  • Organizations and entrepreneurs: to check phone calls of employees and managers and transcribe video conferences and meetings;
  • Journalists: to transcribe interviews quickly and accurately;
  • Students: to transcribe and print out recordings of seminars, conferences and lectures from voice recorders;
  • Individuals: for various purposes.


Avesta company transcribes audio and video files from both Russian and any foreign language upon request, and if necessary, we can translate this text.

Our specialists work with almost all formats of audio and video files. As a result, the client recieves a document in Word or any other format convenient for them by agreement.

In addition, and upon the client's request, time codes are set for faster or more detailed viewing of the document.


  • Quality assurance – we work with qualified native-speaking transcribers and translators;
  • Quick transcription and reliability – strict compliance with deadlines;
  • Ability to transcribe even highly specialized, scientific or technical records;
  • Absolute confidentiality;
  • Two-step text editing with mandatory proofreading and correction;
  • Convenient payment methods for organizations and individuals;
  • Flexible system of discounts for regular clients.




Audio/video transcription from Russian

100 rubles/minute

Audio/video transcription from English

150 rubles/minute

Audio/video transcription from other foreign languages

Upon request


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