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Translation of visa documents is an important step in the preparation of documents required for submission to foreign consulates and embassies.

Mistakes, inaccuracies or misleading language in a translated document may be the reason for the refusal to issue a visa. This will inevitably entail the applicant's extra time and financial costs. Therefore, it is better to entrust the translation of visa documents to experienced specialists who guarantee the quality of translated texts and know the nuances of visa document preparation.

Besides, when preparing documentation, it is worth considering that some consulates require the notarized translation of some documents. This requirement is especially relevant in cases with a working or long-term visa.

Avesta company provides professional translation of visa documents as well as offers notarization of translated pages. Our experienced translators are highly qualified and have extensive experience in preparing documents in accordance with the requirements of various consulates and embassies. Therefore, we guarantee that the translation of visa documents will always be performed efficiently, accurately and quickly.

If you need a notarized document translation into English for your visa, we will provide notarization. Thus, you will be able to obtain the necessary documents in one place and spend a minimum time with it.

Our specialists translate a variety of documents:

  • birth certificate;
  • parental consent for a minor to travel abroad;
  • marriage or divorce certificate;
  • school sertificate, diploma
  • certificate of employment or from a banking organization;
  • pension certificate;
  • employment record book;
  • passport;
  • other documentation required for visa processing.


When preparing a set of documents for submission to a consulate, it is required to consider a number of nuances. Therefore, it is necessary to know the exact list of documents required by this consulate, as well as to clarify all the rules of their processing. Thus, some missions, for example, for an English visa. require the certification of the translated pages by the seal of a translation agency and the signature of a translator. Therefore, if you need a visa permit to the UK, our office staff put a seal on each translated sheet.

Some foreign missions do not require the translator's certification at all while others require notarization. In exceptional cases, apostilization of the translated text may be required.

When planning to gather the necessary documentation, you should also specify the validity of various documents. Thus, sometimes references and other translated documents are considered to be valid only for one month. Therefore, it is advisable to immediately take into account such requirements of a foreign mission and prepare documentation in a timely manner.

Our specialists will perform the translation of visa documents quickly and efficiently taking into account all the requirements of a consulate.

For more information about the terms and other conditions of the order execution, contact the specialists of Avesta agency.