Hindi is a widespread language. It is at the top of the ranking in the number of speakers. Hindi is predominantly spoken in the Northern and Central regions of India. In addition to Hindi, there is also Urdu, which is a language almost indistinguishable from Hindi at the conversational level. It contains a large number of borrowings from Persian and Arabic, and its alphabet is based on Arabic while the traditional Hindi writing system is the Devanagari segmental writing system.

Interestingly, any sound that exists in the Hindi language is denoted by a separate sign, so any unfamiliar word can be easily written in Devanagari, and its meaning can be found in a dictionary.

Hindi is certainly difficult to learn and understand, however, a person who decides to learn Hindi language will be pleasantly surprised, since the language has no strict grammatical rules that must be followed.

Absolutely all Hindi words are written in the same way as they are heard.

Translation of various documents is in great demand: passports, references, marriage and ownership certificates, instructions and contracts.

Our translation agency provides high-quality translation services into Hindi as well as from Hindi into Russian and other languages.


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